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 what gose around comes back around

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PostSubject: what gose around comes back around   Sun May 09, 2010 4:07 am

Its like I never knew you ..
a minuet ago i was ready.. to take everything to keep you ..
I saw your picture,. With her..
It didnít hurt me as much as I thought..
Lots of things came to my head..
Do you really love her?
She took my place, there next to you...
I was dieing to see you..
But now, it's like I never knew you...
It's like I never saw you or touch you...
I cant believe what is happening to me..
Its like it was yesterday when i kissed you..
But now, i cant feel you in my life
I was willing to forgive your mistakes .. make it up for you
And i was still thinking how wonderful you are
After all the words, all the hurtful things you said ..
But now.. i cant remember the way you look like..
I cant remember the color of your eyes..
Or even your smell ..
Yes its my mistake.. and am sorry I believed you
Am sorry i trusted you..
Am sorry i gave you myself and my heart..
You left me alone ,. Asking the walls why...
Its sad, even the walls started to cry..
But still no answer..
Stay with her ..
Ask her ,. Why do you love me ?
Wait for her answer and see the difference..
For me,, ill go
And i wont tell you when..
I will disappear like you did to me when i needed you..
u will see who will forgive you as much as i did ..
who will love you as much as i did
who will kiss you like i did..
and one day,. You will remember me..
remember my eyes when u will see me passing by..
it will be like the first time u saw me..
i will disappear and ull look for me..
but ill be gone..
only time will show you that..
that your liveing a lie..

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what gose around comes back around
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