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 oh i hate you < the sixth week >

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PostSubject: oh i hate you < the sixth week >   Sun May 16, 2010 4:41 pm

next to the great door of heaven
my child's soul is resting
oh i hate you the sixth week..
you killed my child.. within me
within my dreams..
where it went wrong .??
the age of autumn started and will never end..
what about me?
you went there so early ..
what about us?
you went there alone..
are you waiting?
oh baby you left a hole ..within my soul..
i thought i found what i was missing ..
life took you away .. so early and so soon
what i love never last.. and i loved you the most
oh i hate you the sixth week..
you killed my child.. within me
you made me carry his cold body ,. inside me to grieve
to remember..
to suffer..
kissing a picture i took for you baby..
kissing it before i sleep
you went so early ..
without me ,.
after a day they want to take your cold body out of me..
and ill die..
crying angels up on the sky are singing
a hurtful song for you to sleep..
and am holding your picture and scream..
but why you !!
i can stand everyone's winter but not your autumn..
such a tragedy and am in pain..
nothing else matters but you are part of me ..
in my head ,. there is ,. just one box..
in the box , a silk dress, a dirty ring, sad song lyrics and a broken toy..
i took everything out and i left the broken toy..
i hate you the sixth week..
you killed my child .. within me
begging him to beat ..
to get alive again..
baby its so soon and am dying alone..
not you ,. don't go ..
not you.. you shouldn't die..
people without mercy deserve to die..
but not you..
what will matter to me after you ?
what will open my broken heart again ?
your being away opened all my wounds ..
changed the picture of everything and everyone..
made me bleed again..
bleeding my endless sorrow ..
oh i hate you the sixth week..
you killed my child .. within my soul ..
it's the autumn of my life..
it's the biggest wound ..
and i won't forgive you my sixth week ..
you killed my child... within my soul..

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oh i hate you < the sixth week >
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