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 I wish i was dead before that

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PostSubject: I wish i was dead before that   Sat May 29, 2010 1:15 pm

this is the way i thought you would look like..
this the way i used to picture your face in my head..
and i have always dreamt about you ..
this is the way you have been always to me..
a smile in the middle of a thousand tear..
a red flower in a black and white world..
an innocent stare between these eyes..
a soft shadow in a bed made of ash
my feeling were hidden for you to come..
and my kisses were waiting for you to come
your love .. was my shelter in a cold harsh night..
your love .. was my castle and my kingdom..
your love .. was my only language..
and my escape in any lonly broken day..
your taking all this from me..
leaving me breathless,.
empty..and insane..
I was not ready for this..
and i wish i knew how..
you left my night sleepless..
you left my eyes lifeless..
you left my lips bleeding
you left me holding my chest ,.
oh baby it hurts ,. the way you left..
the days you left..
and the heart you left ..
I wish that day never happen..
I wish i never listened to you ..
I wish i was dead before that..

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I wish i was dead before that
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