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 and I sing ,. loudly

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PostSubject: and I sing ,. loudly   Sun May 30, 2010 4:10 pm

and i remember..
that day.. dancing alone at night
you and me, the music , the sounds, the rain drops ,. everything was cold..
your body, breath, kiss ,, were keeping me warm..
breathing your love..
next to your neck were my lips whispering the song ..
and i wasn't feeling the ground ..
I was flying
you took me somewhere else..
our bodies were moving together..
I still can feel yours everytime i hear that song..
but i can also feel the ground..
am not flying anymore..
and i feel cold..
when i looked into your eyes..
when i kissed your fingers ..
i felt blessed baby..
what about now..
do you still remember..?
her eyes looking at yours..
her hands holding yours..
her lips kissing yours..
her hand touching your hair..
is more than I can stand !!
so when i miss you ..
i close my eyes..
and I reach the air .. hoping to reach you..
and i dance.. hoping to touch you..
and i sing ,. loudly .. and still hoping ..

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and I sing ,. loudly
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