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 and I did it for you...

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PostSubject: and I did it for you...   Wed Jun 02, 2010 1:42 pm

I was quiet for a second..
I turned.. its like I felt your soul..
it was a glance .. and I saw you..
that glance damaged my plan..
you didnt notice me and i didnt want you to..
I went to that place we were at..
I put the ring and I left..
passing through every place..
every place we shared a moment in..
i saw us there..
our shadows ... words..
our sinners traces .. filled with love..
Oh baby you looked so happy ..
so alive and so pretty..
I dont care what they say..
when i saw you..
that was my breaking point..
i was holding your ring so hard..
staring at your face.. your eyes..
then i turned away and i looked down to hide my broken stare..
i asked them to leave me alone..
to say goodbye .. to everything..
i took my time..
to cry over your memories..
she came to hug me when she heard my suffocated crying sound..
I said am fine.. its just ,. am choking here .. I want to go home..
without any regret i left that ring..
lifeless i threw away everything ..
i cried you there..
and what hurts the most..
is that ,. its you who wanted it..
and I did it for you...

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Asady <3

PostSubject: Re: and I did it for you...   Sun Jun 20, 2010 10:36 am

Excellent ! belles paroles comme votre beau visage emo Crying or Very sad
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and I did it for you...
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