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 Loyalty became a word people can not spell

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PostSubject: Loyalty became a word people can not spell   Wed Jun 16, 2010 1:53 pm

They all tend to lose..
Lovers standing on others wounds..
Haters disappear without a trace..
And am still the same…
Blowing out the bloody dust of the time..
Why should it be this way..
Life is harsh and I can not understand..
And people getting used to it but I still wondering why…
Children reaching the death of their souls and falling away
Others didn’t have a chance to live a little more to try..
Innocent eyes are crying afraid..
And dirty ones crying for more..
I get lost between my ashes and walls..
Ashes getting darker and walls getting higher..
And am tired but I keep on trying
Trying to understand the humanity and these unforgivable thoughts..
When will it end..
When will I rest my broken stares..
There is no light and I can not see..
Reaching the hope which I can not find…
Oh I miss the days I spent reading ..
The story of the last knight who was standing..
Fighting for love and tolerance..
There is no sympathy is people's hearts …
Why no one can feel anymore…
Why no one is afraid anymore…
Walking dead with their smiles …
Words getting into deaf ears...
Lying became the new rule...
Wisdom became complicated...
Loyalty became a word people keep forgetting how to spell...
Who made them like that...?
Who change their hearts...?
I wish I died inside my mother…
I didn’t want to see this...
I didn’t want to live this...
It's too wrong
I don’t want to deal with this..

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Loyalty became a word people can not spell
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