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 my Faltering poems are asking ,. should we return ?

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PostSubject: my Faltering poems are asking ,. should we return ?   Sun Jun 20, 2010 12:58 pm

you know, the old love letters answered when I asked ..
why are you leaving ?
your hesitatant papers melted from the nostalgia..
and if you searched between its folds ,.
you will find my heart lost between the love words..
you took my days, old fragrance .. how did you go ?
These empty feeling reprimanding me for your ingratitude..
and theirs crying sound still revolving in the heart ..
my Faltering poems are asking ,. should we return ?
and still asking and asking until they slept in grief..
why are you leaving my poems ?
I made your love, my yesterday's wish, todays dream and tomorrow's new age..
I was your believer ,. but you broke my temples..
a bottle of perfume, which were dashed by your hands..
how many times I inhaled your smell until I got intoxicated...
and how many times ,. you burning tears bled my cheeks..
But today.. the dust assassinated your memories..
and killed your smell on me..

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my Faltering poems are asking ,. should we return ?
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