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 You build me up, knocked me down

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PostSubject: You build me up, knocked me down   Mon Jun 21, 2010 6:23 pm

I can wake up the childrens of the night ,.
I can make them play their music ..
as the beautiful virgin gets suffocated under a Masculine shadow ..
three thousand faces in the walls stealing scenes between the years..
witnessed the beauty of love,.
the painful wild desires..
and the fall of people from others eyes..
and they have witnessed me throwing myself into that river..
a river made of tears..
I wont let you see the unknown.. screamed my only one..
but you left me alone...
and now after I lost my faith..
am not afraid of the unkown my love..
l'll keep walking under these dark dreams..
following my own believes..
walking through my memory graves ..
they whispers your name..
and dry flowers are all in flames ..
blankly I cry these black tears..
waiting for death to embrace my soul..
I tried to fight these harsh angels..
and to fight you my love..
just not to deny my existence ..
you revived me and then killed me ..
and ill keep bleeding on that stone..the one which used to be called,. my heart

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You build me up, knocked me down
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