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 I'll scream it all

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PostSubject: I'll scream it all    Tue Jun 22, 2010 5:35 pm

all I need is a place to breathe ,.
make these thoughts calm,.
I lost my heart ,. somewhere ..
and i dont think I can find it anywhere..
oh I wasted all my feeling on you..
and now nothing left for me to give myself..
facing the wall as I cry..
please come back..
cure my opened wounds,.
put your beautiful hand on them and stop the bleeding..
or at least teach me how to help myself from this fact..
why am still bleeding ,.
you promised me the eternal love..
bliss my lonly soul and let me know..
let me know how did you let go of me?
heel these harsh years..
fix them..
find a way am not standing anymore..
that kid is still screaming inside me..
still asking why,.
this sorrow is not getting easier,.
its getting deeper ..
digging big holds inside my soul..
look what did I do to myself ,.
look how much you worth ,.
I want to rise my head again..
and am tired of this tragedy..
you made me able to read sad faces..
retelling old stories...
reviling untold secrets in broken eyes..
I feel everyone.. I ask them to set down and cry on my shoulder..
and make them believe that they will be fine..
make them believe that lie..
and it works,. but not with me..
I appreciated your existence.. and now I appreciate your pain..
I dont mind crying for you..
your my love..
you worth my tears .. and all my feelings..
do you know whats the ending ,.
i will go ahead and scream it all ,.
one day.. with a smile on my face..

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I'll scream it all
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