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 today am asking your sun to disappears

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PostSubject: today am asking your sun to disappears   Sun Jun 27, 2010 11:43 pm

the trees are moving slowly ..
in a starless night ..
to inform me that the winter of my stubborn love just arrived..
and my body reached the last point of weakness..
lying down on a bed of thorns..
in a collapsed city I die alone..
no questions asked..
and no one is there to cry..
this night is showing me that am dying alone..
in the darkness of that night I cannot see the stars..
they are crying in black..
slowly leaving their lights and lying down next to me..
the world is covered in black..
dead souls found their salvation..
and am seeking mine..
with my hands am hiding the hole in my chest ..
I decided to leave my love..
Because loving you bled my eyes for so long..
I love you but I decided to leave..
making these painful memories erase that perfect love..
oh my life's scent,. everything I have ever wanted..
and the one I was praying God every night to bring back to me..
I love you but I decided to leave..
and stop these crying poems..
today am asking your sun to disappears..
and your moon to let go of its light..
and to stop telling me your love stories every night..
baby i love you but I decided to leave..
and am closing the doors..
because its the time for my revolutionary love to calm down..
and for my eyelids to close..
am tired of this game my love..
the game of masters and slaves..
I gave you everything I could give and nothing was worth your [ I love you ]..
I cannot stand this because your love became a poison in the vein..
I love you but I have to stay away ,.
there .. away singing my sorrow and pain.
maybe we might meet again ,.
to tell you ,. sorry I love you but I decided to leave yesterday..

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today am asking your sun to disappears
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