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 call my name

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PostSubject: call my name   Thu Jul 01, 2010 9:08 am

I opened my eyes..
its a different place ...
but i remember..
its a very old place..
and i still remember..
the smell of tobacco and the old furniture are still the same..
the sun lit his face... and i saw him..
without a word I went to hug him..
I embraced his weakened body..
like a frightened little girl I embraced him so hard..
where have you been I asked ?
for years I was waiting for you to come..
I came to take you with me he whispered..
and for the first time I felt afraid.....
that vision faded away and am still afraid..
I was nine when I had to deal with pain..
the pain of losing someone I love..
then again I drank from the same cup..
its a river that is inexhaustible..
yes am tired but still inspired ..
unlike others I understand my feelings..
and I dont have to hide them..
I keep my music record playing day and night..
to translate my unspoken words..
to keep reminding me of my stories that untold..
no am not sad..
I just can not live without these stories ..
so stop breaking these records..
they decided what type of a lover I am..
and they draw your picture in my head..
so call my name ..
everytime you remember my face .. just say my name..
whisper it and touch your lips and see..
you will feel my lips kissing your eyes..
am always around you my love..

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call my name
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