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 yes am fine =]

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PostSubject: yes am fine =]    Sun Jul 04, 2010 7:04 am

she asked..
i didnt know what to answer...
the hidden tears in my eyes were stronger than what i could bear..
my hands were tremble..
and I could feel my veins screaming her name..
I couldnt handle my burning tears.. and I cried..
I had so much to say..
but the words were fighting to come out..
millions of things came to my head..
I just wanted to answer her..
i turned my face just not to see her question
my feeling were swallowing me slowly..
and that hole on my chest bled my shirt..
i was falling in front of her heartless question
I didnt know what to say or from where to start..
I got lost between the "NO I AM NOT WITHOUT YOU" .. and the fake "yes"
so in the middle of my collapse i replied ..
yes am fine =]
fine crying everynight..
fine hating that face in the mirror...
fine Drawing all my sorrow in black..
fine cuting myself staring at the stars..
fine insulting myself for you..
fine fighting the world to please you..
fine Force myself to forget what you have done..
fine faking three thousand smile ..
fine watching everyone trying hard to understand whats wrong..
fine writing this fucking poem..
yes my love .. am fine =]

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yes am fine =]
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