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 for her sake .. am leaving

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PostSubject: for her sake .. am leaving    Tue Jul 06, 2010 3:44 pm

my motivation brought me back..
after I said goodbye .. again my love ripped my days..
begging me not to let another day go without saying the truth..
for her sake I am trying to keep it to myself..
for her sake am not sending letters everyday..
for her love sake.. am leaving..
all I wanted is to hear her voice..
I dont see her in my dreams anymore..
two empty weeks.. and she is not there in my dreams..
my Spirit misses her ..
but am getting used to it now..
and i hate that feeling..
I hate forgetting her ..
all I want is to walk with her hours under the rain..
just one last hug and ill leave..
for her new love's sake ill leave...
the memories are not painful anymore..
and am not crying over what happend..
I just miss those days..
and that amazing year..

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for her sake .. am leaving
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