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 writing a tragedy i can not explain..

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PostSubject: writing a tragedy i can not explain..   Sun Aug 01, 2010 6:37 pm

Like the moon reflects the sun..
my eyes reflects a disclosed sorrow..
here, now ,. I miss that angel i met 19 months ago..
screaming tears wish to suicide..
and these empty smiles spread their toxic lies..
I hope you can see..
the dead shadows am drawing next to your name...
I keep you sleeping on my chest in my dreams..
and through the poems I sing my love for you..
and am not satisfied..
still... these songs makes me cry..
days are passing by..
and am not waiting anymore..
collecting my disappointed soul..
but am still proud of you my love..
your not the weak person i used to know..
I made you someone i couldnt be...
and here i am..
crying your name after what you did to me..
I loved you knowing the end..
and ill love you coz I should finish what i started..
its something I faced before ,. and I'll have to go through again..
its your share my love...
I wish I could hear your voice again..
or even hear your silence ..
baby am broken here..
writing a tragedy i can not explain..

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writing a tragedy i can not explain..
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