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 ill leave an empty paper under a pen

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PostSubject: ill leave an empty paper under a pen   Mon Aug 02, 2010 5:12 pm

I walk barefoot at a rapid pace..
in the middle of that burning hills..
the ones I wrote about years ago..
and here i am.. burnt by the flaming coals..
" close your eyes and you will find haven " whispered the surviving white flowers..
at the Surface of the naked river the doors will open..
go inside and dance with your lover..
dont be afraid to drown..
coz love is keeping you alive..
without your love you wont survive ..
oh my secret pain.. I said
this blood under my feet is leading to an end..
I turned back and I saw the begining..
I loved her, and she loved me..
and I gave her the whole me and I owned her..
but now..
where is she.. and who am i ?
she became a shadow I sing for and I became and picture in the mirror..
forgive me.. I'll write again when I stop crying..
and ill leave an empty paper under a pen..
to write another story..
to release my endless words.. and to begin another life..
away from my ways..
so far away from my hands..
and away from my only one..

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ill leave an empty paper under a pen
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