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 who is to blame ?

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PostSubject: who is to blame ?   Wed Aug 11, 2010 2:03 pm

greater than my pain..
greater than my love for you..
greater than the time itself...
is the world outside...
sad faces accross the street.. not able to smile..
tearful eyes are staring through the broken glass..
and a raped beauty ... painted with shame...
not knowing who is to blame ...
me and my wasted feelings..
are smoking a cigar..
a cheep one made of youth..
the defeated young youth of mine..
they said that am broken..
am not broken am just ashamed..
played the russian roulette againt her with a loaded weapon..
loaded with three thousand tears..
but i shot myself..
but i missed out your point..
i missed out your picture in me..
I still love you with all my senses..
but I wont make a move..
coz you know how to say sorry..
and I used up my shots for you ..

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who is to blame ?
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