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 or just kill my pain..

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PostSubject: or just kill my pain..   Thu Aug 12, 2010 8:14 pm

what happened to your mercy...
leaving me .. to face the harsh walls and death..
all alone in a dry land...
and I never left you alone...
what happened to your passion..
the one you cried ones to make me believe...
walked miles to bring me home for ...
and I bled my wrists for you...
did you think of me when you left?
did you think about my days and nights ..
my secret room turned red..
painting the walls all in red..
to cover the traces of blood I left..
listen to the west clouds..
and they will tell you..
about the heart you left..
about the love you ignored..
about the damaged you made..
and I never hated you...
I wish I could...
could be as strong as you are..
as harsh as you are..
tell me how you moved on so I can leave your life..
or just kill my pain..

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or just kill my pain..
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