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 baby when its over ?

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PostSubject: baby when its over ?   Sun Aug 15, 2010 2:44 pm

baby when its over ?
am no longer waiting..
I can see myself getting colder..
walking throught dead trees in a dark night..
the whispers are no longer clear..
the ground is no longer wet..
everything is dry and old..
where are the burning love am seeking..
reading my old books..
the ones I wrote years ago..
about good and evil..
life and death.. love and hate..
I saw where am heading ..
for years I wrote about you..
your face.. and the wound you left..
but baby you are a story without ending..
when will I kiss your head and forgive you..
when will I hear it for you again..
when will I sleep between your arms again..
its been a while and I feel I missed you all my life..
who loves you more than I do ?!
who could stand this pain like I did..
I dont need an apology ..
just come back ... I understand..
all my questions disappeared in a point ..
I dont need answers to forgive you my love..
I love you and that's enough..
so tell me now...
when its over?

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baby when its over ?
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