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 That clover

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PostSubject: That clover   Sat Aug 21, 2010 12:24 pm

lying down on the floor..
in the dark room..
with a dim light from that red candle..
Blurry sentences from my head are flying around..
in every sentence there is your name..
drawing a clover on the air..
another next to me on the floor..
and one more on my chest where my heart should be..
maybe that clover will bring back my life..
my only one..
I whisper a single prayer..
to God I say..
I beg and pray..
God I dont know what she is being through..
I dont know anything about her..
your the only one who knows..
God I hear her silence..
but you hear her words..
God I see her smile..
but you see her tears..
God I know whats outside..
But you know her inside..
and you know mine..
God forgive my weakness..
I need mercy...
I opened my eyes..
they were downing in tears..
painful tears..
where it went wrong ...
which day and what time...
shivering hands painting that clover..
all over the place where I belong..
maybe.. it will bring her back..
where she used to belong...

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That clover
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