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 Like a tree in the autumn she said

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PostSubject: Like a tree in the autumn she said    Sun Aug 22, 2010 6:28 pm

Like a tree in the autumn she said..
with her mysterious eyes she awakened my thoughts..
Unconsciously I gave up and Surrendered..
its like I found my escape ..
I opened locked doors for years..
in front of her I broke the chains...
I couldnt find the words to reply..
reply a part of my soul..
I said Mumy am fine..
she said ... like a tree in the autumn baby .. and I say it again..
she left.. and left my opened wounds behind..
like a tree in the autumn..
falling apart..
giving up the best of me..
slowly, silently am dieing ..
no one is there to notice or to care..
standing .. facing the winds..
but I never bend..
infront of the mirror I stare at my reflection..
is it that obvious..

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Like a tree in the autumn she said
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