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 I told you.. its a drama..

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PostSubject: I told you.. its a drama..    Wed Oct 06, 2010 9:51 am

You made me your partner in a murder..
may Lourd forgive us both..
I would marry you tomorrow again I cried last night..
inside a dream I gave you my hand..
as you waved goodbye..
not even my tears can stop you now..
like a shadow playing a violin , I Must say, it's a slightly misleading title for my story...
but days are too harsh to make me remember your face's details ..
and like your old promises am fading..
but I must admit that it was my shame..
I left a day i should of kept..
But I preferred to leave...
I know you and who you became..
and I still adore the one you used to be..
but here I say it clearly out load,. your not alone, why should I be..
writing two lines every night..
this poem dosen't seem to end ..
and I can not decode this enigma..
waiting in that room..
listening to this bleeding song..
and like a dream I heard you sayin her name..
I saw her baby ..
standing there infront of me ,. me and her ... in that place
in a place I used to wait for your kiss..
in a place I used to hug you to my soul..
I turned couse I knew your coming..
but you turned and walk away..
like you never saw me you turned away...
did you notice that moment my love..
did it affect you..
how it feels ,. watching me waiting in that place..
I just stood there ,. watching life torturing me..
baby I told you my life is an endless drama..
and am used to it..
with a smile on my face am looking..
at the one who made you burn our days..
and am still wondering...
she must be so amazing..
to make you change for her that fast..
I dont hate her .. I just hate her existence in my life...
But baby it didnt hurt me as much as I expected..
geting used to this pain..
but can you see the three million tears in my eyes?
no you didnt coz you couldnt look right into my eyes..
but thats ok..
like the days took you away from me...
it will bring you back am sure..
and like the dreams your coming back to my drama..

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I told you.. its a drama..
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