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 turning into another me

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PostSubject: turning into another me   Wed Oct 22, 2008 5:02 pm

My lil sweet kid
You felt pain on my words
Do you think you can fix me?
Take my hand and let me cry on your arms
My sweet kid people hurt me
My sweet kid they are laughing at me
My sweet kid they took off my heart out
My sweet kid makes me stop my endless pain
My sweet kid why you are crying too?
Did people hurt you too??
Oh my sweet kid you donít have your heart too
Who took it kid? Who ended your flying soul?
What happened kid...
Cry Ö itís like a drug and hold me, I guess you need it
I guess you need my heart... Its okeii my heart will be yours kid
Just take it all for you, donít cry your heart out
Hurting me more when I see you turning into another me

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turning into another me
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