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 To my ONE and ONLY love

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PostSubject: To my ONE and ONLY love   Sun Jan 04, 2009 2:15 pm

A simple look will do..
A simple look can be the only way.. To die for you..
I swear if the feeling I have for you is love…
Then I never loved before you..
This feeling is not normal..
Leading me back to you..
Missing you in every moment.. Making even your voice as my reason to live..
Baby you are every thin I have ever wanted.. Needed.. dreamed of..
How can I ask for more..?!
You are more than I have ever wanted..
Love with you had taste, color, even sound..
I used to sing the pain inside me
but with you I can only sing the love..
Give me love that I cant stand..
Lemme die screaming I wont more
I want more from your love..
I want to let my soul reach every breath you make so it comes alive after every pain..
I don’t think ill be able to let you go..
I cant let you go, and leave all this madness ..
Am addicted to this madness..
Am addicted to your tastes.. I wont get enough..
I wish I never knew anyone before you..
so I can give you all my heart and never take it back..
I used to have no reason to live .. but now you are my only reason to be be laugh everything I might do to still alive..


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To my ONE and ONLY love
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