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 What do I want more?!! <3

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PostSubject: What do I want more?!! <3   Sun Jan 04, 2009 4:38 pm

Hold me and donít leave baby..
I can stand losing everything ..
But losing you is something I will never stand..
I will keep my promise to you ..
I will love you all my life.. All my days..and no one will have my love for you
I love my life coz you are part of itÖ
I love my self coz am the one you love..
I love my name coz it comes from your lips like sweet song..
I love my days coz it gave me you..
You changed me baby.. Changed the way I can love..
Changed the way I look at things..
You just made me alive again
Feeling you in my arms is the last thing I could wish in my life..
What do I want more?!!
Simply nothing but you..


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What do I want more?!! <3
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