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PostSubject: Forever..!!   Sun Jan 11, 2009 4:56 am

As I look through the emptiness..
A thought came.. To wake up my dead fear..
To wake up one day without your name to start it with..
To forget your voice...Your smell… your look..
They said that nothing last forever.. I used to believe in that..
Why does my heart tells me that I won’t stop loving you ..
Why does my mind believes in the word “forever” with you..
And only you..
I changed the thing I used to believe in.. There is something last forever..
It’s my love for you..
I thought I won’t love after the pain which bleeds my heart for long..
But I did.. Only you who cured my tragedy..
I tried to cure myself … but I couldn’t.. I tried because I accepted being alone for long..
I accepted cause I didn’t think that one day some one will ever care about a freak in love..
Every story has an end.. But my story with you.. I won’t let it end.. Forever..


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