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 wat u gonna do..?

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PostSubject: wat u gonna do..?   Wed Jan 14, 2009 1:22 pm

eslaaaaaam 3leeeko0m


how u doin gurlz n boiz..?

I just wanna do act in public places & malls if some1 tries 2 mock u & teas u...& he/she know that u r an emo..


شو تسوون لو حد تحرش فيكم او عق عليكم كلمه لانكم ايمو ف مكان عام
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PostSubject: Re: wat u gonna do..?   Wed Jan 14, 2009 1:51 pm

well 2 me the best thin 2 do is 6aaaaaf or laugh in their faces coz this way it pisses them off bcoz they'll think we're 2 proud of ourselves which we r lol

plus rarely ppl do it coz they know if they do most of us fight back ^_\\
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PostSubject: Re: wat u gonna do..?   Wed Jan 14, 2009 2:02 pm

ppl dow that to meah all tha tam ... in tha college , mallz , every where ... but all ov it waz like thinkin that am boya or gothic
they don realli kno tha emo much .. but tha last yearz they started to kno who am i ..
half ov them hate meah coz am an emo and tha otha lovez meah and i hate both..

Smile am still livein fo tha one i love.. and i wont change .. even ma baby hav tha same prob .. andmore than meah coz her hair iz so lyt and she seemz to be nt from UAE .. her mum iz not local ( greek )

thatz why when we both gow out .. ppl cant stop lookin lawl

Smile thnx 7ayz that worth talkin thiz much lawl but rili fo meah .. i nev cared befo and i wont =) keep tha thin fo ur self


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PostSubject: Re: wat u gonna do..?   

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wat u gonna do..?
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