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 [baby I die ,. every night ,. every time.. ]

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PostSubject: [baby I die ,. every night ,. every time.. ]   Tue Jun 15, 2010 3:39 pm

it all started with an old picture of us..
its how it went..
a loaded gun to end the young youth ..
a holy rhyme demonstrates the abnormal minds ..
and i can feel the rush of blood on my veins ..
holding the edge of a sense and pray for God ..
pray for God not to let go of me..
am sorry I love her..
am sorry for everything..
end my soul I dont care..
change my broken intentions and make me scream..
I was paralyzed by love..
but ill try not to be drifted again..
give me a chance to love life ,.
to want to stay ,. to hope again ..
give me a chance like you did when you sent her..
i want to feel,.
in the late night ..
in my dreams i used to see her..
hold her and talk to her..
crying on her shoulder..
she was my escape ..
she made me love that fake death..
blank thoughts are revolving inside my head..
lying down in an empty room..
trying to calm these thoughts down..
the world is so noisy and am seeking silence..
breathing the emptiness is all i need..
and am surviving without her out..
but inside my dreams i cant..
she is part of my dreams.. and am satisfied ..
satisfied as long as i see her every single night..
singing for her the beautiful [ try again ]
until she fall asleep in my arms.
[baby I die ,. every night ,. every time.. ]
kissing her eyes and Whispering my sweetest words ..
and baby anything is better than to be without you... i swear

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[baby I die ,. every night ,. every time.. ]
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